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Supra Vision Lasik Treatment

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Supra Vision Lasik Treatment to correct poor eyesight and give you clear vision. Trust us with your eyes, you won't be disappointed.

What is Supra Vision LASIK?

Supra Vision LASIK is a revolution in laser eye vision correction providing the highest level of safety with superior outcomes.

Supra Vision Lasik with Schwind Amaris?

The 750 Hertz speed of the Amaris Laser has many advantages over all the other laser generations and the other competitors in the market.

  1. Time of Treatment:
    The Amaris 750S has 3 times faster treatment time.
  2. Energy delivered:
    The Amaris 750 has a new technology not present in any of the competition and it’s called, Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment. This will create smoother cornea (smoother cornea means better quality of vision).
  3. The Hot Points or Distribution of Energy on the Cornea Surface:
    Amaris invented the “Intelligent Thermal Effect Control to keep the eye cold enough and that will also help in minimizing the risk of dry eye syndrome after Lasik treatment.The most common complaint from patients due to refractive surgery is the incidence of “dry eyes”. Clinical studies with the Amaris 750S showed no trace at all for dry eyes after treatment.
  4. The wide optical zone of Treatment:
    The very wide Optical Zone Treatment of the Amaris decreases dramatically the Star bursting effect.
  5. The Turbo Eye Tracker:
    Tracking 6 Dimensions movement of the eyes is only available in your 750 S Amaris.

Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

This requires a very thorough process of evaluation which involves a serious of very detailed tests followed by complete assessment by our highly trained Supra Vision LASIK specialists. The criteria are quite strict and if we feel that you may specifically experience particular problems after the surgery‚ you would refuse to offer the procedure. We offer the complete range of vision correction options available‚ not just laser or LASIK vision correction‚ therefore we would be able to advise the best option to suit each individual.

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