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100% bladeless and flapless procedure for clearer vision

Unlike traditional Lasik procedures, Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment uses PRK technology, which is bladeless and flapless. This non-invasive treatment is completely painless and ensures clearer vision right from the completion of the procedure.

And the best part? PRK technology allows people to do most of their everyday tasks without corrective lenses. Now return to your job or favourite activities right after the treatment!

Faster healing when compared to traditional Lasik

Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment little to no down time for healing. As the procedure is non invasive and heals quicker than in other methods, even patients who take part in sports and other rigorous activities can go back to their routines.

With minimal disruption from routines, the procedure is very convenient and comfortable and not to mention, popular!

Over 65,000 successful eye procedures and over 30 years of experience

Our clinic is built on the solid foundation brought to us by the expertise and experience of Dr. Safwan Al Bayati who has been a practicing eye specialist since the year 1998 and has a world of experience in eye care.

Say goodbye to your glasses/lenses and enjoy outstanding results

Are you ready to say goodbye to your glasses and lenses? Enjoy 20/20 vision right away and see the world around you with clarity.

Now don’t shy away from all the opportunities that comes your way. Achieve your dreams without worries and feel brand new with superior vision.

About Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment

Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment uses PRK or Photorefractive keratectomy method to correct refractive issues of your eye. During the procedure, the surface of the cornea is reshaped using an excimer laser, removing 5-10% of the thickness of the cornea for mild to moderate myopia.

Anesthetic drops are applied to the patient’s eye to numb it and prevent discomfort during the procedure. Our specialist will then gently remove the surface corneal cells (epithelium) and proceeds with the laser correction.

The laser is programmed for accuracy and precision based on the patient’s refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism). The laser is used for less than one minute on each patient. Once the PRK procedure is completed a temporary contact len is placed over the eye, which acts as a bandage on the eye for improved comfort.

Benefits of Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment

  • PRK method can accurately correct nearsightedness with around 90% of PRK patients regaining 20/20 vision without glasses or contact lenses one year after the surgery.
  • PRK method may be preferable to LASIK in certain patients with thinner corneas or with corneal surface irregularity as it disrupts less of the corneal tissue when compared to traditional LASIK surgery.
  • PRK is very simple and utilize the same modern laser treatment systems. You will be able to see very quickly., the second after the surgery and enjoy your restored vision right away.
  • For patients who are involved in contact sports who has higher risk for injuries, PRK is the recommended treatment for refractive corrections.
  • PRK surgery does not create a corneal flap utilizing the microkeratome, and therefore, the protective superficial layers of the cornea heal easily post procedure.

About Smart Customized Super Vision Laser for ULTRA LASIK/ FEMTO LASIK- Customizing the eye glass vision.

Smart Customized Super Vision Laser treatment for ULTRA LASIK / FEMTO LASIK which gives vision better than the eye glass vision compared with the traditional Lasik vision.

We are treating not only the eye glass power of the refraction but also High or-der aberration which is the fine refraction that cannot be corrected by the eye glass or traditional laser. During this procedure, the cornea is reshaped using the excimer laser by CUSTOMIZED SMART PULSE TECHNOLOGY. Anesthetic drops are applied to the patient’s eye to numb and prevent discomfort during the procedure.

During the surgery, you’ll be asked to focus on a point of light. Staring at this light helps you keep your eye fixed while the laser reshapes your cornea. During LASIK surgery, your surgeon makes an incision across the cornea of the eye using Micro keratome (ULTRA LASIK) or Femtolaser assisted flap incision (FEMTO LASIK), and raises the flap of tissue to reshape the cornea for correction of vision.

The laser is programmed for accuracy and precision based on the patient’s re-fractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism), your surgeon reshapes the cornea with CUSTOMIZED SMART PULSE TECHNOLOGY. After reshaping the cornea, the surgeon lays the flap back into place. The flap usually heals without stitches.

Laser is applied for less than one minute on each patient. Once the procedure is over, a temporary contact lens is placed in the eye, which acts as a bandage on the eye for improved comfort.

LASIK is a good option for improving vision for many reasons:

  • Generally it can be conduct the procedure on the same day.
  • Patients usually do not experience pain with ULTRA LASIK/ FEMTO LASIK.
  • Vision is improved immediately after surgery within 24hrs.
  • In most cases, patients can resume their normal schedule within 24 hours.
  • Patients usually experience not to wear the eye glasses after LASIK surgery.
  • Even though LASIK requires a financial investment upfront, patients experi-ence saving the money each year because they do not need to update their eyeglass and contact lens prescription.

Customized Smart Pulse Laser Technology

Customized smart pulse laser technology utilizes an advanced spot over-lap algorithm. This means that laser pulses are arranged in an optimum manner while being positioned closer to the eye’s surface than any other technology allowed, producing a more accurate and precise outcome. This also enables the patient to experience their optimal vision much quicker than other procedures, often gaining perfect vision.

Benefits of Smart Pulse Laser Technology

  • Smart pulse technology provides smoother corneal surface
  • Safe and gentle procedure
  • Administered by board certified ophthalmologist.
  • “Wow effect” for patients immediately following the treatment.
  • Exclusively positive feedback from the patients.
  • Beneficial for all treatment methods.

Smart Pulse Technology

Why Choose Us

Our clinic is built on the solid foundation brought to us by the expertise and experience of Dr. Safwan Al Bayati who has been a practicing eye specialist since the year 1998 and has a world of experience in eye care.

Patient Support

One to one patient journey with assigned consultant

Advanced Technology

Technology and equipment hand picked by surgeons

World Class Specialist

Proven track record and accredited Lasik specialist

No Hidden Cost

All Inclusive full investigation, consultation and followup

Meet Our Doctors

World-renowned experts in eye surgery.
Specializes in LASIK, Cataract Extraction and Retinal Diseases Treatments by the latest technology.

  • Dr. Safwan Al-Bayati

    Specialist ophthalmologist, had his FRCS in...Read More

    Specialist ophthalmologist, had his FRCS in Ophthalmology from the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Glasgow (UK).

    He finished his medical college from Baghdad Medical College. In 1998, he finished his first ophthalmic fellowship from Iraqi Commission of Medical Specialization (FICMS).

    Dr. Safwan Al Baytai is member of the American Society of Retina Specialists(ASRS) Member of the American Society of Catarct and Refractive Surgeons(ASCRS). Dr. Albayati is a member of the American Academy of Opthalmology(AAO)

    Dr. Safwan Al Bayati is a consultant in Phaco-Vitrectomy. Dr. Safwan Al Bayati had his fellowship training in phaco-vitrectomy under Dr. Frank Koch from Frankfurt University, Ophthalmic Department, Germany.

    Had done his training in LASIK from Munich, Germany (Bausch & Lomb).

    Among few ophthalmic surgeons in the world experts in front segment (anterior segment) of the eye and back of the eye (posterior segment), which means he is expert in Cataract Extraction by the latest technology by Phaco with the use of premium lens (Multifocal lens, Toric Natural and IQ Lenses) and vitrectomy by latest technology.

    Expert in Refractive Surgery which includes Advanced Lasik, Customized Surface Ablation Laser, and treatment of Keratoconus by Crosslinking followed by customized surface ablation or by Implantable Collamer Lens. Among the first group of ophthalmic surgeons who started ICL in 2005 in Dubai, UAE. He has a wide range of experience in the management of retinal cases

  • Dr. Safa Al Ali

    Specialist Ophthalmologist FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth(UK), DO(Dublin), MBChB(Baghdad)...Read More

    Specialist Ophthalmologist

    FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth(UK), DO(Dublin), MBChB(Baghdad)

    General Ophthalmic Surgeon for Phaco, Glaucoma all types of Laser and Paediatric.

  • Dr. Yaser Habrawi

    Dr. Yaser Habrawi has a long...Read More

    Dr. Yaser Habrawi has a long experience in eye surgery with special interest in phacoemulsification with lens implants and in LASIK and ultra LASIK procedures. He has also been a surgical tutor for residents in ophthalmology for over fifteen years.

    Beside his previous position as President of the Syrian Ophthalmological Society he was a regular speaker in many local and international ophthalmology congresses. In addition to his career as eye surgeon, he tours many parts of the world as a regular examiner for the Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburg and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow examining candidates who apply for the F.R.C.S.Ed and the F.R.C.S.Glasgow titles.

  • Dr. Jakob Bennike

    Dr. Jakob Bennike has many years...Read More

    Dr. Jakob Bennike has many years of experience in ophthalmology and has performed several successful oculoplastic surgeries with his primary focus on providing the best possible patient treatment and care based on the most recent research and achievements in ophthalmology.

    Beside being certified by the Dubai Health Authority as a Ophthalmology Specialist, Dr. Jakob Bennike has completed his BAOC Course from Stanford University, California, USA. He has been a professional member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the Fellow of The European Board of Ophthalmology.

    Dr. Jakob Bennike’s oculoplastic surgery expertise includes surgical procedures for the eyelids and tear ducts like upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, direct brow lift, brow ptosis, lash ptosis, punctoplasty – 3-snip procedure, Intubation of tear ducts, drainage in case of canaliculitis, chalazion tumour excision and reconstruction, ectropion surgery, ptosis surgery and gold/platinum weight implants for lagophthalmos, tarsorrhaphy.

  • Dr Shucri Shawaf, MD

    Specialist OphthalmologistPaediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Surgery...Read More

    Specialist Ophthalmologist
    Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Surgery


    Languages spoken
    Fluent English, Arabic & French with basic Spanish


    • – Over 25 years of experience in the field of Ophthalmology in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and UAE
    • – Ophthalmology training from the American University of Beirut in 1995
    • – Fellowship in Cornea, External Diseases & Uveitis from The Eye Center & the Eye Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology from Saudi Arabia in 2005
    • – Member of the International Strabismological Association
    • – Member of the World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus
    • – Member of the International Council of Ophthalmology
    • – Member of the Academic SICCA Board – UAE

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``NVEC provided a wonderful service to me and I am very happy with the results of the surgery. the staff were always friendly and helpful and I always found it a very pleasant experience to go there. I can see everything so clear and no hassels. Thank you Dr. Safwan. I would highly recommend NVEC to all.``


``My experience was exceptional. The team were very well lead and supportive pre and post operatively.... I can roam around without my glasses and everything is soo clear. It's amazing and highly recommended! The staff were brilliant and looked after me the whole way through!``

Lewis Ron

``From beginning to end my experience was fantastic. The result of going from - 8.00 to 20/20 vision - I have no words to describe that. Life changing, miraculous are just the beginning. Totally satisfied. Thank you so much Dr. Safwan and New Vision Eye Center``

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