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Is the world starting to look a little blurry around the edges? If so then you might be affected by a refractive error.

What Is Refractive Error?

A type of vision impairment that occurs when the eye is unable to focus clearly on anything thereby making your vision blurry to varying degrees depending on how far your eyes have deteriorated in a period of time. The three most common visual impairment errors in Dubai are; Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia. Myopia is more commonly referred to as ‘nearsightedness’ and is associated with those who are unable to see objects in the distance. Hyperopia also known as ‘farsightedness’ is the exact opposite; it refers to someone who can see far but has trouble focusing on things at close proximity. Astigmatism on the other hand is a whole different ball-game where the affected suffers distorted vision as a result of an irregularly curved cornea. The cornea is the clear covering of the eyeball. Presbyopia is a refractive error that is associated more with the elderly population and leads to difficulty in reading or seeing at arms length.


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Our clinic is built on the solid foundation brought to us by the expertise and experience of Dr. Safwan Al Bayati who has been a practicing eye specialist since the year 1998 and has a world of experience in eye care.

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Refractive Error Treatment

Even though refractive errors in Dubai and around the world are taken lightly by most it is important for you to know that such ailments cannot be prevented if you are susceptible to it. The leading cause of refractive errors in Dubai is being genetically disposed to the disease. Such visual impairment errors in Dubai can be diagnosed via an eye exam performed by an optician. Refractive errors are treated or controlled with corrective eyewear such as glasses, contact lenses or any form of refractive surgery. The world health organization has estimated that over 153 million people excluding those who suffer from Presbyopia live with visual impairments on a daily basis.


Some symptoms of refractive errors are; glazed vision, double vision, having to squint to see clearly, headaches, haloed vision around bright lights and having to strain your eyes to see. So if you feel as though you might be a victim of a refractive error then make haste to your optician and undergo a very basic and convenient eye examination where you will be required to read out numbers or letters up close and at a distance coupled with an eye-gizmo that focuses your sight on objects in a computer screen in order to determine the extent of the disease so that you can determine the correct course of action for you to go about treating your visual impairments without further ado.