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Ever stepped out of an air-conditioned area and had your glasses fogged up so thick that you missed your footing on the curb?
Welcome to the club.

What is Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is a surgical procedure that corrects refractive errors and restores vision to its maximum capacity and the best thing about it is that it always works! There are many reasons for opting for Lasik and not needing to wear corrective eyewear is a mere drop in a vast pool of benefits that the procedure affords you with because thanks to this surgery, there are millions of people around the world who are less dependent on corrective eyewear to this day.


Why Choose Us?

Our clinic is built on the solid foundation brought to us by the expertise and experience of Dr. Safwan Al Bayati who has been a practicing eye specialist since the year 1998 and has a world of experience in eye care.

Technically advanced hospital environments

Technically advanced
hospital environments

One to one patient journey
with assigned consultant

The most innovative technologies and treatments

The most innovative
technologies and treatments

Technology and equipment
hand picked by surgeons

World Class Lasik

World Class Lasik

Proven track record and
accredited Lasik specialist

Benefits Of Ultra Lasik

This surgery is that it is indeed less expensive than corrective eyewear. Shocked? Don’t be.

All you have to do is to add up the total amount that you will spend in your lifetime on corrective eyewear, consultation fees and medication to keep your eyes in good health and you’ll see what we mean. That's why undergoing Lasik is the most cost effective option available to all of us with refractive errors in our vision.

Ultralasik treatment gains your vision back to what it was before. We give you honest and genuine treatment to rectify poor vision.


Why is it so important ?

Have you envisioned a life where there are no blurry edges without the hassle of having to wear glasses or contact lenses? With Lasik eye surgery you can not only do away with the headaches brought on by eye strain but also ensure that you don’t lag behind in your job and are able to work towards your true potential on a day to day basis with no disadvantage. Enjoy the better career prospects that are afforded to you with this surgery and truly experience life the way you’ve always wanted to. In addition to all that, Lasik performed by a good eye doctor will not only enhance the quality of your life but also promote your self-esteem. Employ Lasik eye surgery today and reap the benefits of a whole new you to compliment your new found optimum vision without hesitating further.

Our Patients Who Us

Here's what some of our patients have to say!

Aleena Sarah

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of my eyes. Dr Safwan is one of the most patient, analytical, smart and caring physicians that I have met. The team made me feel comfortable even though I'm generally scared of clinics. Really appreciate what they did for me. I love the face that I don't need glasses anymore."

Nigel James

"I can see clearly now - Amazing how it worked like they said it would! Everything went as planned and promised, no pain and no surprises, nothing. The treatment was super quick and I recovered in no time. I feel live I was given a new pair of eyes, I still cant believe how clear everything is. Highly recommend NVEC!"

Kenneth Daniel

"I have been wearing specs for about 7 years. I heard about Lasik surgery through friends and I approached New Vision Eye Center. I could get my appointment fixed for a consultation within no time. Had a successful surgery and my vision got better within a few hours after the surgery. Thank you Dr. Safwan!!"